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Traditionally, the practice of acupuncture is based on the theory of meridians and collaterals (Jing Luo Theory). According to this theory, qi (vital energy) and blood circulate in the body through a system of channels called meridians. These meridians connect internal organs with external organs or tissues. By stimulating certain points on these meridians, the flow of qi and blood can be regulated and diseases treated. The stimulated points are called acupuncture points, or acupoints. To view modern scientific theories which attempt to explain the mechanisms of acupuncture click here.

While acupuncture is indeed an ancient art it is by no means a dead art. Over the centuries acupuncture has continued to develop, not only in China but around the world. Click here to discover some of the various types of acupuncture currently practiced here in Canada and abroad.   Click here for Scientific explanations



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