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Old and New

Life is a learning experience. Over the last 20 years, I have endeavoured to increase my knowledge of traditional acupuncture as well as several other systems of acupuncture and the technologies used to deliver acupuncture treatments. Below are some of the systems and technologies which I utilize in my practice – Dr. H. Dent

Master Tung’s  Acupuncture:

Master Tung Ching Chang has been referred to as the greatest acupuncture who ever lived. He was a scholar of the I-Ching, and a traditional Chinese physician from the Shandong Province in Northern China, famous for the miraculous and spontaneous results he would obtain using few needles. The acupuncture points he used are unique in that they are located opposite the affected area. In most cases, the patient notices the effect immediately upon insertion of the needle.

Scalp Acupuncture:

In 1935, Dr. Huang Xuelong suggested that there is a relationship between the scalp and the cerebral cortex.  As  result of  his observations applications have been developed to treat several conditions by inserting needles into the scalp. During the 1970’s, scalp acupuncture progressed into a complete system. Today, “treatment zones” on the head are associated with a variety of body functions and are used to treat a wide range of issues.

Auricular Medicine:

Over 2000 years ago Chinese doctors recognized that the ear could be used as a diagnostic tool. Nevertheless, not until the 1950s was this form of micro-system acupuncture  was researched and developed by Dr. Paul Nogier a French neurologist. It is practiced on the outer ear and has been extensively studiedly and clinically  utilized by French, and German neurologists and well as Chinese medical professionals.

Jing Luo Acupuncture:

This theory, the theory of meridians and collaterals, is the theory on which today’s traditional acupuncture is based. It is the system that acupuncturist are tested on to be licensed.

Laser and electro Acupuncture:

The therapeutic value of lasers and electro stimulation of points was discovered over 40 years ago. These types of acupuncture are relatively new methods of stimulating acupoints. They are ideal ways to perform acupuncture without the use of needles and are well suited for those who suffer needle-phobia.

Korean Hand Therapy:

Discovered in 1971 by Dr. Tae-Woo Yoo, O.M.D., Ph.D. in Korea, this micro-system stimulates specific points located on the hands. It is used to resolve pain and balance internal organ function. It utilizes a powerful reflex system similar to, but more powerful than, foot reflexology.  It had been extensively used clinically and  researched in Korea.

Abdominal Acupuncture: In 1991 Dr. Bo Zhi-yun introduced this powerful system. Directed  solely at specific points on the abdomen, this method can  be utilized to treat all body parts and organs. This system is very comfortable and can easily be used on children and geriatrics.